The Laboratory of Microhydrodynamics and Flow in Porous Media (LMMP) is focused on fundamental and applied research of free surface flows of complex liquids in microscale.  Such flows occur in many natural and industrial processes, such as in the manufacturing of functional films using liquid coating processes, complex fluid displacement inside small channels and porous materials, flow of emulsions and dispersions and multiphase flow in microchannels.  Capillary effects are usually very important and the presence of fluid interfaces and the complex mechanical behavior lead to strong nonlinearities on the flow.

We combine theoretical, numerical and experimental tools in the analyses.  The research projects are focused in four main application areas: Coating process, microencapsulation, flow through porous media and enhanced oil recovery, and emulsion formation and stability.

We are continuously looking for exceptional researchers to join our team.  If you are interested in joining as a graduate student, post-doctoral research and research staff, please contact us.