Laboratory of Microhydrodynamics and Flow in Porous Media

LMMP at the 3rd BR Interpore Conference on Porous Media.

Several LMMP researchers participated in the 3rd BR Interpore Conference on Porous Media, held in Petropolis, from 5-8 August. ( Prof. Marcio Carvalho gave one of the Plenary Talks on Microscale Flow of Complex Liquids through Porous Media. Paula Reis, Frederico Gomes, Monique Dali, Rafael Ferrão, Sergio Ribeiro, Bruna Leopércio, Nicolle Lima, Thiago Pereira, Marcelo Coelho, Raphael Chalhub and Débora do Nascimento gave oral presentations of their research on numerical and experimental analysis of flow through porous media, including computational petrophysics of retrograde gas, flow model in vuggy porous media, polymer solution injection, 3D visualization using confocal microscopy and foam formation.